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April 20, 2010

My little "friend" came to ruin my day. He hit me right in the face lol. Nissa knows now but she thinks I'm mostly bulimic. I guess I am now that I've found a way to purge. I'm proud of myself for that. It means I can eat whatever I want now. I'm kinda upset though. I only lost .9 pounds yesterday. Jami said it's because of all the crap I ate over the weekend. She's probably right.

Weight: 91.2lbs
Weight Change: -1.4lbs
*I don't own the picture*
When I said my little friend I was referring to my period incase you didn't catch on. Nissa is my cousin and a really good friend of mine and Jami is a friend that I got started on pro ana back then who isn't anymore, bless her soul. This is the start of me becoming "Pro Mia" which eventually turns into full blown anorexia with bulimia tendencies...
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